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'93 (Coming Soon)


Australian born, New York based photographer Simon Burstall began taking photographs at age 15. Burstall’s connection with the camera corresponded with his discovery of the rave scene. In a time before digital media, Simon hung the strap over his shoulder and began documenting his life story through this rare and vivid time in Sydney.

The images in ‘93: PUNCHING THE LIGHT come from hallways and warehouse dance floors of 1992-1993 when Burstall was just 17 years old. Some 25 years later, ‘93: PUNCHING THE LIGHT, looks back at the people, the style, and the culture of this remarkable time. Poignant journal entries adorn raw photographs to create a love letter and exposé to the dreamland of raving.

Book release, September 2019. Promotional blad below.

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